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CMTC Soccer Center/Real Futsal

League Rules



1.     All players must wear their team shirt colors to participate

2.     Players must wear shin guards, cleats are allowed on CMTC Turf. No metal or replacement cleats.

3.     All Free kicks are indirect, including kick-off. Players have 5-seconds to put the ball in play; infringement results in turnover of possession.

4.     The ball does not have to go forward on a kick-off.

5.     When a free- kick is being taken, the defending team must be a minimum of 5 feet from the ball.

6.     NO Offsides

7.     Substitution are on the fly, It is as the referee’s discretion to decide, if the substitution interferes with the play and no unfair advantage shall be obtained by the team making the substitution.  The player entering the field is unable to play the ball until the player being replaced has totally left the field.

8.     Game clock will start at scheduled time. – No exceptions. Games are on a running clock with no stoppage time.

9.     The game shall be played in two equal halves of up to 20 minutes each.

10.  Half-time will be 2 minutes.

11.  Outdoor FIFA rules apply when passing back to the goalkeeper.

12.  No slide tackling. Slide tackling will result in an automatic 2-minute penalty. The goalkeeper can slide tackle only inside the goal box when playing the ball.

13.  Goalkeepers may maintain possession of the ball in his/her hands for a maximum of 5 seconds.

14.  14 All Founds committed against the attacking team in the goal box except for a v5 second penalty will result in a penalty kick.  A 5 second violation will result in a free-kick from the spot at the top of the arch.

15.  Ball out of Play:

·      A ball that goes out on the touch line will result in a kick in from where it went out of play.

·      A ball which strikes the ceiling will result in a free-kick directly down from where the stoppage of play occurred. The exception being when the ball strikes the ceiling net within the goal box: this will result in a free-kick from the spot at the top of the arc.

16.  Chewing gum is strictly prohibited on the playing field. Anyone caught will be asked to leave the field or play until the gum has been discarded and that team will play a player down.

17.  . The use of foul language is prohibited by players, coaches and spectators. The use of foul language will result in an automatic 2-minute penalty and a second incident will result in that player or coach’s ejection from the game.

18.  Absolutely NO Fighting will be tolerated. All parties involved in a dispute may be ejected from the game, league and/ or facility at the discretion of the referee & facility

management for any length of time depending of the severity.

19.  Forfeits will be recorded as 5 to 0 final scores. Teams forfeiting more than 2 games in a session, can be removed from the league without refund.

20.  No outside players are allowed. A player must be rostered and paid in the league to be used as a sub for another team. Any team caught using an illegal sub will be charged for a full league fee , and will not be permitted to continue their season until the fee is paid in full.